I’m Santiya. A designer,

maker and problem solver.

The cusp of art and technology has always fascinated me and I’ve never been afraid to just jump in and give it a go, whether it’s Paint, Photoshop, Figma or CSS. I’ve been designing with computers since the day I first opened Microsoft Paint. Later, I got closer to Microsoft Point and the creation of variety of presentations with effects to achieve maximum impact on the audience.

During my bachelor education I had the opportunity to learn the basics of web programming in particular the client technologies. Continued to expand my knowledge via many self-studies, internships as frontend developer and working as so.

I want to make, design or build ideas and products that are real, that matter and have an impact in the world.


- Degree in Computer Systems and Technologies

- 4+ years experience in Frontend development


HTML&CSS / Javascript / React / jQuery / NodeJS / ExpressJS / NextJS / Figma / AdobeXD / Photoshop / UI | UX Design

Most of what is in this portfolio is team work. It’s very rare these days to make anything great all on your own. I have only included work that I had a contribution to, but whether it’s design, ideas, UX, process, engineering, mentorship, advice or creative direction, my family, collegues, friends have influenced my growth and career path in a massive way.thank you.